Friday, January 8, 2010

LIC Bill payments procedure

With the rise of income levels among Indians, the need for insurance to support their dependents also has risen. LIC is our age old company in the sector of Life Insurance. LIC supports a lot of policies for insurance : term policy, endowment policy and also some ULIPs. My blog is not about explaining the lic policies since the official website of LIC ( can tell better.
After creating a user login, enroll your LIC policy. you will need details like Policy No, Premium and Name of life insured. In case you are enrolling policies of your family members and if you have not entered and saved their date of birth, please proceed to : Update Profile option (on the right side bottom) and click on option for Married / Un-married, a new option will open for recording the details. After that if you select : Number of Children (maximum 5) option to record their date of birth will also open.
After successful enrollment of policy, we can pay our premiums online. Currently LIC allows only direct debit from its website. So in case you want to pay premiums with your credit card, may be you have to start from website of respective credit card companies and opt for bill payments. They have their own registration process.
Say finally you paid the premiums and for tax submission we have to submit receipts for premium(s) paid. LIC website has an option for generating premium paid certificate. But in case, there are some discrepancies in the certificate then the trouble begins.
For instance, I have a LIC policy (half yearly payment). I have paid one premium via credit card site and one via LIC website (direct debit). Though I have paid both the premiums, the premium certificate was showing the details of just one premium. So I had to call the regional office where my policy was taken to get the certificate. But the receipt sent by the branch office didn't have any LIC official logo or any signature. So I couldn't use this as well for my tax proof submission purpose. So finally I had to call to regional office in Hyderabad to get some more details.
Finally I got the details of a customer care helpline for online payments in Hyderabad.

LIC info centre : 040-23415055 (for online payments premium certificates)
email :

For Bill pay related (payments via credit card)
email :

Send a e-mail to above mail ids and I'm sure you will get a positive response for premium payment receipts and certificates.

Details of my LIC branch details:
Machilipatnam Branch:

In case of any missioning info, please add them in the comments section.